The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario began public operations on April 1, 2015. It is the product of many years of “stakeholder” consultation, legislation passed by the Ontario provincial legislature (The Psychotherapy Act, 2007), and subsequent consultation, pilot projects, and testing. The proclamation of Royal Assent on April 1, 2015, turns these processes formally into the law of the land.
The legislation, and the law which comes out of it, defines psychotherapy as a “controlled act” which may not be exercised by an individual unauthorized to do so by the Act. Details about this may be found on the CRPO website.
The Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts took an active part in the development of the new College’s processes, and its Ontario-based members are “grandparented” by their application and admitted to the new College. Each analyst thus admitted now bears the statutory designation, Registered Psychotherapist.
As of the November 30, 2013, OAJA General Members’ Meeting, there is now a working committee drafting proposed changes to OAJA’s policies and procedures and by-laws with regard to compliance with CRPO requirements. (Members of OAJA who do not reside or practice in Ontario are not covered by the new law.)

“Grandparenting” for the new College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

Graduates of the OAJA ATP who are applying in the CRPO “grandfathering” process may wish to use these older course bulletins to guide their research. The originals were converted from MAC-based documents to PC (e.g. .doc) so that line-breaks and paging, for example, are not as exact as they likely appeared in the original documents.  Some documents may show the training program followed by the public program for a given year.

Here is a copy of the presentation from the Grandparenting Forum (PDF) on November 16, 2013. Also included is the “Summary of Evidence – Template”, an Excel spreadsheet, that you may find helpful in considering how to organize evidence. This was a creative exercise and recognizes that each of us will find a way of recording evidence that best suits our own style.

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Archive of previous Public Programmes in PDF format: 

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