Welcome to the home on the World Wide Web of the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts (OAJA).

We welcome you to look around, but in general expect that this website will be of greatest use to Jungian Analysts – our current and prospective members – and those in or exploring the possibility of training in Toronto as a Jungian Analyst.

About Us

OAJA is a local professional group or “voting society” of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), the clearing-house for all working Jungian Analysts and professional organizations in the world. Our local group was set up in 1979 by the first three Jungian Analysts in Ontario: Fraser Boa, Marion Woodman, and Daryl Sharp.

In 1982 OAJA was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the Canadian province of Ontario, to further the understanding of Analytical Psychology as developed by C.G. Jung. In 1989 at the 11th International Congress of the IAAP it was admitted to group membership, which authorized OAJA to train acceptable candidates to become Jungian analysts. Such persons, once OAJA accepts them, are automatically accredited by the IAAP.

In 1991, OAJA was asked to assume a controlling interest in the C. G. Jung Foundation of Ontario, formerly the Analytical Psychology Society of Ontario, and to sponsor its library and educational offerings. We invite you to read about this interesting group.

After an initial training effort and much reflection and discussion, the current Analyst Training Programme was opened in September 2000. 

For more information about OAJA, contact us.